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Genius Move is owned and run by Paul Brewer. I cut my recording teeth at a studio in Athlone during the 80’s before moving to Dublin as an Engineer / Programmer where I worked freelance until 1990. In 1990, I went on the road, touring the UK, US and Australia. In the late 90’s I opened my own studio which was called ‘Brewers Kitchen’. Artists I’ve worked with through recording, touring and performing with include Madness, That Petrol Emotion and Christy Moore to name but a few.

As well as running Genius Move Studio I work for who are suppliers and builders of recording studios and as an agent for their acoustic work.

Acoustic Consultation – Chris Walls, Munro Acoustics, London.

Control Room Equipment -

ATC SCM20 monitors, Bryston 3b

Focal Twins

Yamaha NS10s with custom crossover, Hafler 9305

Avantones, Quad 306

Atacama sand filled stands.

Apogee DA16x, SSL Alphalink Converters

SSL X-Rack with 2 x 8 chan and Bus Compressor.

Tascam US2400 24 motorised faders

Kensington Expert Mouse

Contour Shuttle Pro

Manley Voxbox

Custom 1176 clone

SSL E-Signature chan

BSS Di boxs

Contact Details

Address: The Mall, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Ph: 086 811 6115



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