The Damned confirm live concert date at The Academy in Dublin for May 25th 2012!

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Punk rockers The Damned have officially confirmed a brand new Irish Tour Date. Music Scene is delighted to reveal that The Damned will be performing live on stage at The Academy in Dublin on Friday the 25th of May 2012. Tickets for The Damned live at The Academy in Dublin are priced at €25 including booking fee and will be on sale from Friday the 20th of January 2012 through Ticketmaster and usual outlets nationwide. Click here to buy tickets for The Damned live at The Academy in Dublin.

As punk’s history enters 2012, the impact of The Damned initially judged “the least likely to succeed” seems to grow ever more each day. They are most notable for being the first of the British Punk bands to release a single “New Rose”, put out an album (Damned Damned Damned), tour the United States, break up (1979) and reform (1980).

The Damned, Dave Vanian, Brian James, Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies played their first gig on July 6, 1976, supporting the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club in London. The first single “New Rose “remains a classic of early Punk noise, It was SOUNDS magazine single of the week and on the whole it is one of the greatest 3 minute blasts of Punk Rock releases of all time.

Of all the bands to hail from the original punk explosion, The Damned have accomplished so much and are still filling venues and touring worldwide 35 years on. The line-up has seen some 20 former members come and go, but Dave Vanian and Sensible have remained the backbone of the band, from former gravediggers and toilet cleaners to Punk Rock /Gothic legends.

‘Damned, Damned, Damned’ reached number 36 in the UK charts in February 1977, the same year second album ‘Music For Pleasure’ was released in November. The Damned had often been seen as a novelty act, but by the 3rd album ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ (1979) they forced critics and the public alike to make a reassessment. Sensible, at this point the band’s main songwriter, emerged as a notable lead guitarist taking over from founder member Brian James.

By the ‘The Black Album’, (1980) the band turned into a Proto-Goth ensemble, emphasizing Vanian’s serious role (From the beginning of The Damned, Vanian has affected a Vampire-like appearance onstage, with chalk-white makeup and formal dress). over Sensible’s outlandish costumes and clownish persona, the rhythm section also somewhat modified their characteristic stoner-thug appearance.

‘The Black Album’ demonstrated the band’s staying power, packed with such legendary singles as the intentionally ridiculous “Love Song,” the anthemic “Smash It Up,” and “Wait for the Blackout” and the catchy Satanism of “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today.”

On the live front, The Damned were unstoppable, chaotic, violent, messy, funny and unpredictable, riding out punk’s supposed death with a series of fiery performances laden with both great playing and notable antics on and off stage. The Damned went through a dozen agents and managers in this era, (one such misfortune was set alight on the tour bus, another was thrown onto the motorway from the moving bus).

After the subsequent (and more polished) 1982 album ‘Strawberries’ and a brace of non-LP singles released by the band in absence of a record deal (1983–84), Sensible left to pursue a successful solo career. The guitarist having surprisingly found himself on Top Of The Pops at number one with a version of “Happy Talk” from South Pacific.

Predictions that The Damned were history with the departure of Sensible proved a nonsense as ‘Phantasmagoria’ (1985) scored a massive U.K. hit with a cover of ‘Eloise’ which charted at number 3. The gothic-type-nursery-rhyme number ‘Grimly Fiendish’, ‘Shadow of Love’ and ‘Is it A Dream’ were all top 30 hits. It a was vindication on a commercial level a decade after having first started.

The following year the ‘Anything’ album was out, it also contained flashes of inspiration and after a full career retrospective release, ‘The Light at the End of the Tunnel’, the band undertook a variety of farewell tours.

After a 9 year absence from the studio ‘Not Of This Earth’ saw the light of day and later in 2001 ‘Grave Disorder’. was bankrolled by long time fan and millionaire OFFSPRING frontman Dexter Holland’s Nitro label.

Aside from Vanian and Sensible, the current line up has remained one of the most stable in The Damned‘s history

It’s been quite a journey for The Damned, 9 studio albums, countless compilations, over 12 singles, some 20 past members, numerous break ups and reformations, chaotic, messy and incendiary live gigs.

The Damned are only predictable in one way, you always know one thing for sure at a Damned show, it will rock!

Don’t miss The Damned performing live on stage at The Academy in Dublin on Saturday the 25th of May 2012.

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