Garth Brooks to schedule world tour for 2014?

Aug 20, 2013 1 Comment by Musicscene

Garth Brooks has actually SOLD OUT 5 nights at Croke Park in Dublin since this article was originally published – click here for the full story. Coming out of his “retirement” in 2009, the legendary Garth Brooks took a (well paid) job at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for a residency that has seen him perform hundreds of times over the past few years. In a deal with the owner of the hotel, Steve Wynn, Garth Brooks was scheduled to perform for 15 weekends each year during a five year period – however, in 2012, that residency came to an end on November 17th as Garth Brooks set sail with a final show in the hope of preparing for a brand new world tour in 2014.

Previously revealing that he will not take on the world (again) until his youngest daughter graduates from highschool, Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood have been plotting a duet album whilst the rumour mill churns wording of a new world tour in 2014. Whether or not this tour will indeed take place or even feature Trisha Yearwood, remains to be seen.

However, as his official website reveals “Be the first to know” – fans may have reason to get excited as Garth Brooks is probably signing a new touring contract as we speak.

Will it be Croke Park again as he did in 1997? Well, let’s just see what Garth Brooks thought about his previous Dublin shows:

“Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, an outdoor stadium…these people were so into the show that they did this clapping thing, and this pointing thing…and it was all kind of orchestrated by themselves…and so they got this clapping going with this hey…and I gotta tell you it’s my favourite part of any footage that I see of us live…the people were so perfect in the crowd.  To get tens of thousands of people to do that all together is impossible.  Well, I gotta tell you when it comes to Ireland, nothing is impossible.”

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  1. Garth Brooks Croke Park Dublin live concerts confirmed as part of new World Tour! | Music Scene says:

    [...] Croke Park. Dublin. Ireland. Two nights. July 2014… Need we say more? Oh, alright then! Yes, we predicted back in August that Garth Brooks would return to the live circuit sooner rather than later, and today, Croke Park [...]

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