Muse ‘Live at Rome Olympic Stadium’: DVD release details confirmed!

Oct 30, 2013 No Comments by Musicscene

Muse are finally set to release a new concert DVD! This will come as amazing news for fans of Matt Bellamy and Co. as their previous tour promoting their 6th studio album ‘The 2nd Law’ will finally hit the big screens as well as many living rooms and bedrooms worldwide. Released here in Ireland on Friday the 29th of November 2013, the Muse show in question will be their July 6th 2013 epic at The Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy.

The concert is set to be unveiled at cinemas around the world in 4K, one week before the official DVD release. 4K is four times more powerful than (your regular) HD… How cool is that?

Matt Bellamy stated: “This is the biggest tour we’ve done in terms of scale and production value and it’s definitely the show we’re most proud of so we’re really excited to be able to release it as the first ever ultra high definition concert film. It captures an extraordinary amount of detail and not just everything we’re doing – the fans, even those at the back, the set, the actors and the incredible atmosphere on a very special night in Rome. We can promise our fans, whether they managed to come to the live shows or not, an entirely new Muse concert experience.”

The official DVD tracklisting Muse Live at Rome Olympic Stadium is as follows:

Panic Station
Plug In Baby
Knights Of Cydonia
Feeling Good
Follow Me
Time Is Running Out

Guiding Light
Undisclosed Desires

Supermassive Black Hole
Isolated System

*The DVD package will also come complete with a CD which will include audio from 13 of the tracks listed above.

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