Marina & The Diamonds ‘Froot’ single review: by David Deady

Oct 12, 2014 1 Comment by Musicscene

Early last week, when all of Twitter was in its annual Mean Girls ‘it’s October 3rd’ frenzy, Marina Diamandis surreptitiously invited you to a very special party. Scheduled for the songstress’s actual birthday and teased with an inciting FROOT hashtag, this could only have meant one thing; new material.

It feels like an age since Electra Heart graced us with its presence; a shining beacon of pop loveliness, this album single handedly got me through writing a Masters dissertation and saved all of music in 2012… just to put it lightly. Now, after a long wait, Marina has bestowed FROOT upon us, a synth-pop disco anthem that looks set to pick-up where she left off over two years ago. A dance floor ready track, it is big and bold, full of retro-inspired sounds and beautifully lilting vocals. This already is going to prove divisive for many of Marina’s original fans, but I beg of you, give FROOT a chance to fill you with its deliciously sugary charms.

Diamandis has flouted spelling conventions once again with this offering(à laShampain and Hypocrates)but doesn’t stop her tongue-in cheek wordplay at the title. FROOT is laced with stinging metaphors and devilishly clever double entendres. Throughout the song Marina is ‘living la dolce vita’ comparing herself to a luscious fruit on a branch waiting to be picked and ‘juiced’ before she’s left to rot for the ‘birds and worms’. Graphic, colourful and full of imagination, Marina never fails to paint a perfect picture for her audience.

As a sovereign of thoughtful pop music, Diamandis tells a delightfully ambiguous yet amusing tale inFROOT.At face level she is clearly conveying a story of love but isperhaps also alluding to the overall cycle of life’s ups and downs, or even just speaking of sex at a more carnal level.Extract from it what you will, but it’s nice to seea pure pop song express real sentiment while also not taking itself too seriously at the same time.

FROOT fell from its obscure vine onto YouTube only a few days ago and has already been met with a lofty chorus of ‘YAAAAAAS’ and ‘THIS IS EVERYTHING’ from her adoring fans. While it may not be to everyone’s taste and those expecting a revisit to her coyer, Family Jewels past will most certainly be disappointed, FROOT is nonetheless full of its own saccharine attraction. It is a triumphant and welcome return for Marina, and we, as her illustrious diamonds, are salivating for more.

David Deady

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