The Record Spot – Dublin

May 20, 2014 1 Comment by Musicscene

The Record Spot is located at 16b on Fade Street in Dublin 2, just off George’s Street. It is a one stop shop for ye olde music lover who still has a love for the scent of that beautiful vinyl which was part of everyone’s lives not so long ago. If online streaming was prohibited, [...]

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Spindizzy Records – Dublin

Sep 09, 2012 No Comments by Musicscene

Did someone say iPod? One of the remaining renowned record stores in Dublin, Spindizzy Records, is trying to keep the physical dream alive here! Shhh! Located within the gracious surroundings of Georges Street Arcade, Spindizzy Records will provide all you music lovers with the best in authentic sounds on various formats including Vinyl, CD, and [...]

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Tower Records – Dublin

Sep 30, 2010 2 Comments by Musicscene

Tower Records is one of Dublin’s most exciting music stores providing the sale of various music related products such and albums, singles, DVD’s, memorabilia, clothing, audio accesories and much more. The store is located just off the world famous Grafton Street in Dublin’s city centre. The store is well known amongst music fans as it [...]

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